Bio Waste

Sharps Container

What is Bio Waste?

Bio Waste is the waste that has the possibility to affect humans in non-infectious ways. Bio waste can also include chemicals, both medical and industrial.

Medical Bio Waste includes: sharps, which are generally defined as objects that can puncture or lacerate the skin, but can include needles and syringes, discarded surgical instruments such as scalpels and lancets, blood vials, culture dishes, culture tubes and other glassware.

eWaste Disposal is fully licensed and insured to provide environmental and economical solutions for the collection, treatment, and disposal of all your medical waste streams to include sharps, pharmaceuticals and blood soaked materials. Our procedures ensure that infection control is maintained throughout the service cycle. We provide complete chain of custody documentation confirming the transportation, treatment and disposal of all medical and biohazard materials.

As well, eWaste Disposal is able to handle all low level radioactive, off-specification chemicals and various hazardous waste streams you may encounter to include formaldehyde.

Your Account Representative is trained and certified to address most questions you may have regarding the segregation, proper handling and containment of your waste.

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Definition of Biomedical Waste

Definition of Biomedical Waste and a description of Segregation and Containment of Wastes intra-centre in a video edited by UMI ( about the policies and procedures of biomedical waste management in Florida.