Underground Tanks

Disposing of UST waste, Underground Tanks, Underground Storage Tank (UST), UST waste, Wastewater generated, UST Waste DisposaleWaste Disposal, Inc. has many years of experience working at Underground Storage Tank (UST) sites and UST Waste Disposal, which has allowed them to develop an efficient process for disposing of UST waste.  To dispose of UST wastes, they begin by exposing the exterior of the USTs by cutting and removing any concrete or asphalt covering.  Once exposed, they then cut windows into the USTs to allow access to clean the interior.   The interior  of the USTs are then triple washed and rinsed.  Wastewater generated during cleaning activities is collected using a vacuum truck, profiled, and then transported to a proper disposal site.  In the final step, the USTs are rendered inert by removing excess oxygen, placed on a flatbed truck using a crane, and transported to a proper disposal facility.