Waste Management Services

Ewaste Management Services

HazWaste-ContainerProviding California with all of the necessary services to ensure cost effective and environmentally compliant hazardous and bio waste removal and transportation. 

eWaste Disposal is DVBE certified hazardous waste transport, provides comprehensive waste management services, specializing in transporting, disposing and recycling of hazardous waste. Lab packing and site clean up, waste oil, antifreeze and oil filter disposal, regulatory agencies reports, storage and waste management supplies, drums, totes, roll-off and absorbents. Bio waste, poisonous and infectious transport is also available.

We are dedicated to environmental issues to help industries and prime contractors recycle their hazardous wastes, preserve the environment and avoid the inherent long-term liability of landfill disposal. Services also include flammable disposal, paint disposal, soil disposal, RCRA, non RCRA waste streams.

Hazardous Waste Management Safety, By UCLA

The Video below are Guidelines for management and disposal of chemical waste on the UCLA campus:

NFPA Journal - Hazard Labeling Guidelines