Liquid Waste Removal


eWaste Disposal, Inc can provide you with waste water treatment services for your non-hazardous and hazardous aqueous waste. We will create a custom waste disposal plan that meet your organization’s objectives and requirements while providing total regulatory compliance and reduced liability.

eWaste Disposal has a full range of functional, qualified liquid waste management services.  We keep up-to-date and current on all the local, state and federal laws currently govern the disposal of industrial waste, so you won’t be confused and frustrated by trying to stay current and in compliance when it comes to hazardous waste disposal.

Our Services Include:

Hazardous Waste Transport and Disposal
Industrial Cleaning Services
Tank Cleaning
Consumer Commodity Destruction
Lab Pack and Chemical Disposal
Box Truck Service / Drum Removal
Vacuum Truck Services / Bulk Transport

Universal and E-Scrap Recycling / Disposal Services
Non-hazardous Incineration Services
Roll-off Services
Continued Use Programs
Site Cleanup / Decontamination
Vacuum Extraction Events